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Door 24: Christmas greetings from the geoadvent blog team!


Dear geoadventers,

We made it! Huge thanks to everyone who has read, shared and commented on the fourth great geo-advent, and especially to all the authors – it, fairly obviously, would not be possible without you.

There’s now four whole years of geoadvent posts to look back on – so if you’re short on Christmas reading, why not explore the archives? Here are a few personal favourites:


dino jumperGeoreceptionist’s gave us two lists of favourite fictional geologists, including Jurassic Park’s Alan Grant and Bleak House’s Professor Dingo

We gave you a Christmas party check list to keep any geological guest happy, including a particularly fabulous Christmas jumper

Archivist Caroline’s outline of the dark deeds of an unmentionable Fellow from the past scared the bejeezus out of all of us

Policy Officer Flo concluded her 5 days of Christmas with an investigation into whether Alan Partridge’s apple pie really was hotter than the sun (it wasn’t).


As modelled by the man himself.

As modelled by the man himself.

Map Librarian Paul told the story of the Christmas love letters which led to the discovery of the earliest flowers on Earth

Library Assistant Sarah freaked out Geoscientist Magazine Editor Ted by crocheting a mini version of him

Director of Policy & Communications Nic gave us the first ever GSL Christmas quiz

Map Librarian Paul recounted the always popular tale of William Buckland – the man who ate everything (including, apparently, the heart of a King…)


100-geosites-logo Last year’s advent calendar focused on some of the many photographs which were entered earlier in the year for our 100 Great Geosites photography competition – all well worth looking back on! We also featured:

Director of Policy & Communications Nic on the art inspired by the beautiful island of Staffa

Policy Officer Flo on the Trotternish Clan and the evacuation of St Kilda


2016 Geoadvent blog credits

trilobiteHuge thanks to this year’s geoadvent bloggers:

Map Librarian Paul for two forays into the world of geology in popular music, an extremely festive account of the tectonics of the Cold War, and a three part series taking us on a geological journey through history, linked by the first Christmas card.

Archivist Caroline for five fascinating accounts of the exhibitions and events organised by the Society’s library this year.

Policy Assistant Flo for the ingenious four part Where’s Willy series – I now feel extremely informed about the geology of Wales!

Education Assistant Amy for a geological history of the Christmas tree, and the surprising news that a lot of trilobites are named after bands, which no one saw coming.

Geoscientist editor Ted for revelations surrounding the ‘Edstone’, it’s origin and ultimate fate.

Laura Hobbs and Kerry Ollerenshaw for how to decorate your Christmas tree with dinosaurs

Conference manager Georgina Worrall for her favourite fictional geologist

dsc_0532Don’t forget the geoadvent challenge – if anyone spends any time over the Christmas holidays crocheting or otherwise crafting on a geological theme, let us know and we’ll send you a prize!

Finally – I’ve been promising all month – in fact all year – that we’d feature this cartoon on the blog at some point, so here it is, because it’s Christmas. (We’d like to point out that since her lifetime we’ve become a lot more friendly towards Mary Anning, to the point of crocheting her for the geoadvent.)

Merry Christmas everyone!


Apologies for the lack of credit – all efforts were made to find one, but if anyone can enlighten us we’d love to add it in!

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