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Door ten: christmas party check list

tenChristmas is still two weeks away, but the party season is already upon us. It’s just our opinion, but there could be more geology in your average christmas party. We present to you, the geology christmas party checklist…




The guest list: geologists. Obviously. Because*:

*we would like to dub in ‘coolest, sexiest PEOPLE alive’, but our YouTube editing skills are insufficient. Apologies.

The nibbles: (see here for more geological food ideas)

ferrero-rocher-cross-section labels

volcano hatThe hat: (I will pay someone to do this and send us photographic evidence)



The decor: we’re thinking dino-chic:

dino decordino lights








The outfit: (again, the dinosaur theme is key)

dino tshirtdino jumper







The all important playlist, which must include:

This should be all you need – but feel free to add your own suggestions below!

3 thoughts on “Door ten: christmas party check list

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  2. If you listen to the bit of the show after that clip, you realise that the party should be a breakfast party, and ought to contain waffles. (Perhaps the waffles should represent karst topography, or be covered in ‘lava’ chocolate or honey?)

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