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Door 11: Making a modern geologist


More #geocrafting, from the person who previously brought you mini Darwin

As modelled by the man himself.

As modelled by the man himself.




In a bid to completely take over this blog with my crafty ways, this time I plundered the image of a modern geology figure well known to all of us here at the Society. Presenting someone with a 7 inch crochet version of themselves is a distinctly strange experience, so imagine what it must have been like to be on the receiving end… Though completely blindsided by this, he took it like an absolute champ, so I can now present mini crochet Dr Ted Nield, who is of course the editor of the Geoscientist.

And this pattern is completely customisable, so if you would like to make a tiny version of your favourite geologist – or non geologist! – simply download away and make whatever changes you desire! Download here:  MiniGeologist_V1


Glasses and all. Head very much not to scale, sorry Ted!

Geoadvent competition

Things are hotting up in the geoadvent competition – identify the geosite from our 100 Great Geosites list pictured in the window to enter!

Marie was first to identify the door yesterday, which means current standings are Chris Jack on 3 points, with Clark Fenton and Marie both on 2. Rallish, Sue and Martin Heys are still in the running with 1 point each…

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