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  3. Hi, I’m a geology PhD student at Trinity College Dublin and I’d like to write a blog post on the geology of Lyme Regis. Please let me know if you are interested! Thanks! Anthea

  4. Hi! I’m a Brazilian retired geologist, and professor at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m planning my first trip to Great Britain, the cradle of geology, starting at Edinburgh on Sept 8th and finishing at the England Channel on Oct. 9th. My travel guide are the 100 geosites, I’ve carefully chosen 40 of them by location and easy acces by car. I DESPERATELY NEED THE GPS COORDINATES OF THEM. Is it easy to get them? Are they published somewhere i did not find yet? I sincerely will be very greatfull of your assistance. Best regards,

  5. I study Geology & Environmental Science and I have to say that I love your website and all the work you do. It inspires me to love Geology and planet Earth even more!

    I wish you all the best 🙂

  6. Visiting Arran with my school (Darvel, Ayrshire) was the main influence that led to me becoming a geologist, altjhough other islands (Raasay, Skye) then took over for my mapping and research (Glasgow Univ.). However, I had frequent visits for field classes and supervising U/G mapping projests (Birkbeck College, London). The diversity of the geology is fantastic and Arran should be classified at the highest level.

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