Earth Science Week: Ask a Geologist Live!







Day three of Earth Science Week is nearly over, and geowalks, events and talks have been going on across the country! Visit our website for what’s still coming up.

Online, we’ve been holding Ask a Geologist sessions daily, and have already had some great questions!

On Monday, Bethan Davies of Royal Holloway answered queries about glaciers, Antarctica and climate change.

Questions ranged from how to get a career in glaciology underway, to the colours of glaciers, sea level change and what the effects of climate change will be on Antarctic species.

Yesterday it was the turn of University of Manchester’s Phil Manning, for a barrage of questions about dinosaurs! We had lots of favourites, including this from @ChrisPBrough


And today Matt Genge from Imperial College took over, answering questions about meteorites, cosmic dust, geology in space, and his dream field trip location!

We also learned about Tunguska, Pluto, and what would be Matt’s most surprising find on Comet 67P

There’s still two more Ask a Geologist sessions to go, so make sure you get your questions in!

Tomorrow, David Pyle from the University of Oxford will be answering your questions about volcanoes, and how we predict them, and on Friday Victoria Herridge  (@toriherridge) from the Natural History Museum is taking over, for questions about fossils, dwarf elephants, evolution and Trowel Blazing female geologists in history! All you need to do is tweet using the #AskaGeologist hashtag, or leave a comment below.

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