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Loch Ness Monster: Mystery solved?

nessieLoch Ness monster theories have ranged from elephants to seismicity. Do we finally have the answer?

Back in July, geologist Luigi Piccardi proposed an intriguing new possibility – is the Great Glen Fault system, which runs for 62 miles beneath the Scottish Highlands, responsible?

“There are various effects on the surface of the water that can be related to the activity of the fault” he told Italian paper La Repubblica. “We know that this was a period [1920-1930] with increased activity of the fault. In reality, people have seen the effects of the earthquakes on the water.”

Well. He may be right about the bubbles, but were they caused by seismicity?

The below dropped into our letter box several months ago, and we’ve long been meaning to share it with the world….

Abominable 1

Abominable 2Abominable 3

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