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Earth Science Week: Geobingo and the 100 geosites nominations






Day 2 of Earth Science Week saw events happening across the country, from Fort William to Northern Ireland, as well continued coverage of our #100geosites project.

Don’t forget, as well as the 100 sites on the final list, there’s over 400 nominated geosites in the UK & Ireland you can visit! The full list of nominations is on our flickr pages, with some great inspiration for days out – let us know if you visit any.

Some of the nominations feature on our #geobingo cards – so if you do visit an area which features a large number of geosites, check to see if we have a card! Take a picture of yourself at the sites and send it to us to enter our prize draw.

So far, the Peak District, London, Scarborough, the Hebrides, Bristol and Snowdonia have their very own geobingo cards – and there are more to come!

geobingo screen shot

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