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Under the hammer…

A couple of months ago, we reported on a unique specimen of Nanotyrannus, locked in combat with a Triceratops, which was going up for auction in New York.

Clayton Phipps, 'dinosaur cowboy, and Nanotyrannus

Clayton Phipps, ‘dinosaur cowboy’, and Nanotyrannus

Tomorrow, the auction is taking place! Will the specimen be bought by a public museum, or will it disappear into a private collection? Dr Phil Manning, who first alerted us to the upcoming sale, is in New York to follow its progress – follow him on his blog.

Fingers crossed we’ll all have a chance to see the fossils in the future. As we said in September – if anyone happens to have around $9 million kicking about, get yourself down to Bonhams in New York – the palaeontologists of the world will thank you for it!

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