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Top 5 geological Eurovision songs – and the geological secret to winning the Eurovision Song Contest

There’s a little known fact about Eurovision.  One which, if followed to the letter, almost certainly guarantees a top two finish and probably a win.  Apply certain geological knowledge to the writing of an original three-minute slice of disposable pop and you could be the next Abba, or even Bucks Fizz! More on that later. First, … Continue reading


The Unfortunate Tale of the Museum of Practical Geology Pt II. Dippy and the Nippies

We rejoin the Museum of Practical Geology in the final years of Victoria’s reign.  Still cramped, and welcoming about 200 visitors a day through its notoriously gloomy entrance hall.  Over in ‘Albertopolis’ the newer Museums are prospering.  The Natural History and Science Museums are open with far more space available.  The foundation stone for the … Continue reading