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Door 12 – Our favourite (not Christmas) letters


One of my favourite things about the Christmas season is getting letters. Particularly the hilarious (unintentionally or otherwise) round robin letters. Here at the Geological Society, we’re lucky enough to receive post all year round, of varying degrees of fun.

Here are a few of our favourites from the mail bag…


1. Questions from a six year old

Some genuinely insightful questions penned by a six year old – to which several of our Fellows helped provide the answers.














2. The true solution to the Loch Ness Monster mystery…

This one really needs no explanation. We enjoyed it a lot.

Abominable 1


Abominable 23. ROCK ON

Greatest. Letter. Ever.

Rock On


And while we’re on the subject of post, here’s our favourite ever Threatening Envelope….



Do feel free to share your own favourite post! (Christmassy or otherwise.)

Advent Competition Update

Chris Jack gained another point yesterday with Highgate Cemetery, one of our ‘Human Habitation’ 100geosites (and yes, the irony of that categorisation has been pointed out to us.) Which means he’s now in the lead on 3 points, with Clark Fenton and Marie both on 2. Rallish, Sue and Martin Heys are still in the running with 1 point each…

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