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Door 10: Ghosts of the Museum – extra content 2


Our second extract from the 1837 Magazine of Natural History concerns an armadillo, the zoological gardens, and a person with a penchant for pilfering….


Armadillo textArmadillo THE ATTEMPT LATELY made by one of the visitors to purloin an armadillo from the collection of the Zoological Society, Regent’s Park, noticed in the police reports of the London papers, is so unprecedented an occurrence that we are induced to advert to it, principally for the purpose of expressing our decided opinion of the insanity of the convicted party.

The individual who committed the theft, having captured the animal, which must have been no very easy matter, instead of going out of the gardens through one of the turnstile-gates, and conveying the prize to his chaise, returned to the public entrance, and actually applied for a whip which he had left in charge of the gate-keeper, carrying his hat in his hand, with the armadillo in it, secured by his handkerchief spread over the opening. Under these circumstances, to escape detection was all but impossible.

We think the bench of magistrates were perfectly right in the penalty of £10 which they imposed for the offence; because the public should be protected from person whether sane or insane, who have a penchant for pilfering, and we merely allude to occurrence from a feeling of justice towards the accused party, and to remove the impression that any one should have visited the gardens with a premeditated intention of stealing the animals – Editor.

[Magazine of Natural History, New Series, vol 1 (1837), pp434-435.]

Competition update!

Yesterday’s window was correctly identified as Clashach Cove on the Moray Coast in Scotland – congrats to Chris Jack, who got there first and has pulled into the lead on 3 points. Clark Fenton is still on 2, with Rallish, Marie, Sue and Martin Heys all on 1…All to play for, geoadventers….


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