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Door 24: A christmas letter from the geoadvent blog team

24Dear geoadventers,

Well, another  year is drawing to its inevitable close, and with it, the geoadvent season. Who could have thought that we could spin 24 glorious posts out of photoshopped rocks, dubious Fellows, dinosaur themed jumpers, terrible puns and things we found on YouTube?

You find us celebrating by sitting in front of a roaring fire,  wearing said dinosaur christmas jumper, wrapping up a Sponsor a Fish certificate in some novelty christmas island wrapping paper, with Volcano on in the background.

Perhaps you are doing the same. Or perhaps you’ve just woken up under a chair, having drunk a bottle of wine in less than eight minutes. Either way, we wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year.

Thank you for sticking with us through the blogathon, and especially to everyone who has shared, commented, and shouted encouragement from the sidelines. Even you, nameless commenter, for simply stating ‘this upsets me’ beneath ‘Alan Partridge in a Pear Tree.’ Your sentiment is understandable.

high fiveMost particular thanks, and a customary dinosaur high five, to everyone from the Geological Society’s staff who has contributed a blog post. Without you all, I pretty much just had that dinosaur love song and 23 YouTube clips from the Big Bang Theory, and we wouldn’t be facing the terrifying prospect of doing it all again next year.

advent group shot

A selection of geoadvent bloggers. If we look slightly manic, it’s because we’ve been punning solidly for 23 days.

Geoadvent credits:

blankMap librarian Paul, for Bone Wars, Geological painting by numbers, and a Humphry Davy Christmas, as well as the invaluable contribution of all the lovely William Smith county map images, used for the windows. Incidentally, you can buy prints of these from our website!

michaelSenior Library Assistant Michael, for Christmas Down Under, the perfect Christmas gift for a geologist, and geological poetry.

floPolicy Assistant Flo, for (sing it with me) Five smoke rings, four fossil turds, three Scottish glens, two rocks from above, Alan Partridge in a Pear Tree (oh how we agonised over those rhymes), not to mention Christmas Island.

carolineArchivist Caroline, for three truly shameful episodes from the archives, including the most chilling account of a murderous rampage since Rear Window.

zacGeoreceptionist Zac, for a countdown of our favourite fictional geologists, and for correctly identifying the fact that Dante’s Peak is clearly a better film than Volcano.

victoriaArchives Assistant Victoria, for a lovely romp through the scrap book of one of our more well behaved Fellows.

joEducation Officer Jo, for a trip to Santa’s geological grotto.

judiEducation Officer Judi, for a festive trip to Christmas Island.

I take full responsibility for all other posts, including terrible puns, photoshopping and attempts to shoehorn christmas into every geological topic possible.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


10 thoughts on “Door 24: A christmas letter from the geoadvent blog team

  1. What will I do now when I switch on my computer in the morning? Roll on Advent 2014!
    Thank you all and enjoy your Christmas.

  2. Are you aware your geo-advent calendar has gone nearly viral? It gets a mention on the About Geology site in America. Well done. Lots of fun.

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