Advent calendar

The Great Geoadvent: Door 24

We’ve reached the end of another geoadvent season! 

Huge thanks to all the photographers who submitted the photographs we’ve been featuring throughout December – copies of the calendar are still available, although you’ll have to wait until the New Year to get your hands on one! Order online here, or visit us at Burlington House from 9.30am on Wednesday 2nd January.

2018 has been a busy year on the blog – if you’d like to contribute a post for 2019, please get in touch! Here are some of this year’s highlights….

Attenborough and the Sea Dragon

In January, Fiann Smithwick, scientific adviser and part of the fossil excavation team for the BBC 1 documentary Attenborough and the Sea Dragon’ spoke to our Education Officer Amy Ball about his experiences working on a natural history documentary with Sir David Attenborough, his fossil hunting and his PhD topic of fossil colour…

Rare giant dinosaur footprints shed light on Scotland’s Jurassic past…

In April, we announced the discovery of a tracksite from Brother’s Point on the Isle of Skye, dominated by sauropod footprints…

Yorkshire’s first embryo-bearing ichthyosaur was pregnant with octuplets 

Also in April, we announced the discovery of a very unusual ichthyosaur fossil – the star of an exhibition at Yorkshire Museum…

Pregnant ichthyosaur (c) Nobumichi Tamura

Lithium: brine, batteries and bottlenecks

In July, Head of Policy and Engagement Flo Bullough gave us the low down on the increasing importance of lithium, its uses and the increasing concerns around supply security…

Salar de Olaroz lithium Mine, Argentina (Copyright: Wikimedia Commons)

Competition results!

We announced the results of no less than three competitions on the blog this year – read more about our Plate Tectonic Stories winners, the Great Geobakeoff and the Earth Science Week photography competition

Peer Review Week

We took part in Peer Review Week 2018 with a series of blog posts outlining a day in the life of some of our Publishing House Staff, as well as an insight into some of the peer review reports on a famous historical figure…

Four female geologists who deserve £50 note fame…

Rounding up our highlights, we blogged in November about four geologists we’d like to see immortalised on the new £50 notes!

Staff of Newnham College (1907). Gertrude Elles sitting on grass second from left;

Merry Christmas!

Thanks to everyone who’s read, shared, written or liked our posts this year, and to all the brilliant photographers who’ve contributed entries to our photo competitions over the past four years – it goes without saying that this year’s geoadvent wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and see you in 2019!


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