Never a Dahl moment
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Never a Dahl moment

So farewell then, Gary Dahl (1936-2015) Gary Ross Dahl, who died on March 23, was an advertising copywriter and advertising agency owner who became a millionaire on the strength of a six-month fad dating from 1975.  Those of us who remember that year, especially if we happen to be geologists, will recall the craze which … Continue reading


BGS centre announces geology’s key worth

BGS celebrates completion of a £25m investment that mirrors Earth science’s value to the nation, says Chief Scientific Adviser. The Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor Sir John Beddington CMG FRS, opened the headquarters of the British Geological Survey in Keyworth, after its £25m makeover.  Formerly named for former Director Sir Kingsley Dunham, the Nottinghamshire campus … Continue reading


All in a whorl

We knew we were in for it when we chose a picture library image of an unidentified ammonite for the cover of the November issue of Geoscientist.  So far reactions have been of two kinds – compliments on the graphic design, and complaints regarding the lack of diagnosis.  So, hoping to move on beyond the … Continue reading


Christmas gift idea!

Back in 2009, the cover of Geoscientist carried an image scanned from a fragment of Paesina Stone from Tuscany – a silty limestone formed during the Cretaceous Period and marked with a fine network of cracks through which groundwater has diffused, bringing colourful oxides of various minerals.  This stunning image had been created by Richard … Continue reading


What a carve-up!

Not far from Burlington House stands Economist Plaza, home to the famous magazine of that name, and known to architects as the first building in the UK to be faced with the Portland Roach.  That’s the limestone full of distinctive hollows created by dissolution of mostly gastropod and bivalve shells – leaving their body cavity infills behind … Continue reading