Christmas gift idea!

Cover, June 2009 Geoscientist (vol 19.6)

Back in 2009, the cover of Geoscientist carried an image scanned from a fragment of Paesina Stone from Tuscany – a silty limestone formed during the Cretaceous Period and marked with a fine network of cracks through which groundwater has diffused, bringing colourful oxides of various minerals.  This stunning image had been created by Richard Weston, professor of Architecture at Cardiff University.  He had begun to market these natural images as canvases, and Geoscientist teamed up with him to create a Reader Offer.

Richard’s work had then been widely exhibited and he, in collaboration with the BBC, had been commissioned by the United Nations to produce a spectacular woven wall-hanging to commemorate the United Nations International Year of Planet Earth.

Since those days, Richard has become something of a darling of the fashion industry, having taken part in BBC2s Britain’s Next Big Thing in the summer.  He has been described by Vogue magazine as “the most unexpected new talent in British fashion”, as he has produced huge versions of the scans on silk scarves, which are now outselling all the leading brands at Liberty.

Building on this success his company now markets smart phone covers, silk bound journals, and from January, men’s scarves for Harrods, women’s silk tops in Harvey Nichols, lampshade covers, cushions, and wallpapers.

One of his scans of a banded agate has also been used on the façade of an office block in Camden and he is also supplying huge panels, also of agates, for use in the accommodation blocks at the Olympic Village.

So if you are stuck for a present for a geologist, you could do worse than visit www.westonearthimages.com.

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