Thank you to all our reviewers in 2018!

Image: Connemara National Park, County Galway c. Ankit Verma

As we start a new year of publishing, we’d like to say a big thank you to all our wonderful reviewers in 2018!

Throughout the year, the Geological Society of London benefitted from the expertise of over 1400 peer reviewers for the nearly 1000 submissions received across all our publications. Our reviewers play a vital role in ensuring that GSL’s publications are of the highest standard and the peer review process is rigorous. We are grateful for their time and expertise, and would like to extend a big thank you.

Top reviewers

In particular, we would like to highlight some of our top reviewers for the year:

  • Alastair Roberston (University of Edinburgh) and Stuart Archer (Total SA) are the top GSL reviewers for 2018 for their help in reviewing for multiple GSL publications.
  • David Bond (University of Hull) has been named the top JGS Reviewer of 2018 based on number of reviews completed, speed and overall rating.
  • We would also like to note Jessica Ann Thompson Jobe (USGS), Jeffery Karson (Syracuse University), Gweltaz Maheo (University of Lyon), Craig Magee (University of Leeds) and Chao Yuan (Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry) for their efforts as JGS reviewers.

Showcase your review activity

To further acknowledge the importance of reviewer efforts, we have partnered with Publons to provide a free service for reviewers to get recognition for their contribution to the scholarly community. Publons allows individuals to track, verify and showcase their peer review activities, creating an online record of their service at the click of a button. This can be used as evidence of peer review experience and expertise in job applications, performance evaluations and funding applications. Any reviewer submitting a report to a GSL publication now has the opportunity to confirm that they wish to get recognition for their GSL review on Publons.

  • To find out more about Publons and to join a community of over 53000 other researchers please follow this link.

If you are interested in submitting an article or want to find out more about becoming a referee click here.

Some of our 2018 highlights…

A number of our publications have featured on this blog in the past twelve months – here are just a few…

Life, Underground – Journal of the Geological Society

The Destructive Power of a Slow Moving Landslide – Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology

Yorkshire’s first embryo-bearing ichthyosaur was pregnant with octuplets – Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society

Rare giant dinosaur footprints shed light on Scotland’s Jurassic past – Scottish Journal of Geology

Military Aspects of Geology – Special Publication 473

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