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Plate Tectonic Stories Competition – the results!

Plate Tectonics map banner

Back in October 2017, as part of our ’50 years of Plate Tectonics’ celebrations, we launched our Plate Tectonic Stories Competition along with our online web resource on 20 sites around the UK and Ireland that showcase the influence of plate tectonic processes.

The competition closed in April and we’ve had so many fantastic and creative entries from felt work, paintings and posters to stop-motion animations, field trip videos and exploding volcanoes. Thank you to everyone who entered we’ve absolutely loved seeing all your plate tectonics inspired work.

The competition had three categories: over 18s, under 18s (individual) and school groups. Kirstin Lemon (Team Leader and Communications, British Geological Survey), Pete Loader (Chief Examiner for WJEC Geology) and Rob Butler (Professor of Tectonics at University of Aberdeen) kindly helped us with the judging process and we are now thrilled to now be able to announce our winners!

Over 18s

1st place: Alex Booer

Mount St. Helens felt work
Alex Booer

2nd place: Richard Birch
‘Lair of the Sleeping Dragon’

3rd place: Hannah Moss-Davies
Hawaiian hotspot cake
Hannah Moss-Davies

Highly commended: Zoe Mildon
Normal fault in lace
Zoe Mildon

Under 18s (individual)

1st place: Muhammad Choudhary (Bolton School Boys’ Division)

‘Time is running out a plate tectonics short story

2nd place: Cathy Zhang (St George’s School for Girls)
Presentation on the history of plate tectonics

3rd place: George Baugh (Reading Blue Coat School)
Model of the Matterhorn
Reading Blue Coat School - George Baugh 2

Highly commended: Esha Dongare (Kendrick School)
Destructive plate boundaries poster

Kedrick School Year 8 - Esha Dongare


1st place: Castle Bay Community School

S2 Isle of Barra plate tectonic story

2nd place: Royal Ballet School
Year 9s choreographed plate tectonics dance

Joint 3rd place: Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School
Year 7s destructive boundary stop-motion animation, light up volcano and volcano models

Queen Elizabeth - Volcano of lights

Joint 3rd place: Abbey Gates Primary School
Year 3 volcano models and natural hazards dance

Highly commended: Curwen Primary School
Year 3 volcano models

Congratulations to all of our winners and many thanks again to everyone who entered the competition – it’s brilliant to see so many people inspired by plate tectonics!  Don’t forget, you can read about the 20 sites around the UK and Ireland that tell the story of our tectonic history and you can view the winners, and a selection of our other favourite entries, on the Plate Tectonic Stories website.

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