Plate Tectonic Stories – Latest entries!

Plate Tectonics map banner

Looking for some inspiration for a Plate Tectonics Stories submission? Look no further! Some of our early entries have set the bar high for creative approaches to Plate Tectonic Stories.

In the School Groups category, we had this delightful entry from the Year 3 class at Abbey Gate Primary School in Nottingham where the students performed an interpretive dance for a whole host of tectonic-related natural hazards including volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunami!! You can watch the full performance below.

We also had this entry from Patrick Corbett who submitted the following poem inspired by Plate Tectonics.

Plate tectonics

Man rides on the Earth

On plates of SiAl

In a sea of SiMa

Oblivious to a dynamic hearth


Gaia is safe, for now,

Human timescales are very short

With a static-bound ignorance

Of the slow processes below


Folk’s place is in the valley section,

As we denude all to a base level.

Convergence elevates the land

For renewal to start over the chain reaction


Need some new crust?

Spreading invites replenishment

Not an Iceland but a hot land

The planet’s not bust!


If only the faults were able

To transform those

Sceptics to geologists.

Wouldn’t the World be more stable?

Patrick Corbett
27 January, 2018

Feeling inspired? Don’t forget, the competition is open to applicants of all ages and to school groups. To find out more about the competition, head to our dedicated competition page for individual submissions. Interested school groups should head to the School’s Competition webpage. Don’t forget, school groups that enter receive an A1 sized poster on plate tectonics.


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