2017 Advent Calendar / Advent calendar

Door 14 – Xmas Sticks & Stones

Regular Geoscientist readers will be familiar with the ongoing adventures of Dalston and Gibbet, our resident cartoon geologists. Here they are with some favourites from the Christmas archives….





December 2014 – A geologist’s Christmas shopping

December 2011 – Christmas gifts for geologists

December 2010 – Geologists’ Christmas jumpers….

February 2012 – even more geologists’ Christmas jumpers

And for post Christmas diet plans, November 2014 – palaeodieting!

For more Sticks and Stones, visit www.stonechatproductions.co.uk!

Geoadvent challenge

Yesterday’s geoadvent window represented the Zechstein Reefs, North Sea.

Let us know which plate tectonic story today’s represents by leaving a comment below!

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