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Door 11 – The Geological Society Christmas Quiz!

Before we kick off, a reminder of the Great Geoadvent Challenge… Yesterday’s window was The Caingorms, Scotland- leave a comment below identifying which plate tectonic story is featured in today’s window to take part!

The Geological Society Christmas quiz

It’s quiz time! As we are celebrating 50 years of plate tectonics, and inviting you to send us your plate tectonic stories (don’t forget, the closing date is 30 April!), the answers to all the questions below refer to people, places or processes associated with plate tectonics. They can all be found in the Plate Tectonic Stories web resource or the glossary of our plate tectonics website for schools. Share your answers in the comments section – full answers will be published in a few days.

1: What name is shared by the last prisoner of Spandau Prison; a concert pianist famed for organising a series of 2,000 lunchtime concerts in London throughout the Second World War (of which she played in over 150 herself); and an American oil company that has produced a different toy truck in the run-up to Christmas each year since 1964?


Changing the Guard at Spandau Prison, c Bauamt Süd, Einofski – Herr Einofski, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=14474976

2: What 1984 film, adapted from the 1981 coming-of-age novel by John Irving, starred Jodie Foster, Beau Bridges, Rob Lowe and Nastassja Kinski?

3: What is the title of the fourth in the series of Ice Age animated films, released in 2012?

4: One brother is a Radio 2 presenter. The other is a stand-up comedian known for his quick-fire puns, including the winner of best joke at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014 (‘I decided to sell my hoover… well, it was just gathering dust…’). What is their surname?

5: The suborder Lacertilia, which originated 200m years ago and continues to thrive in a wide range of environments today, shares its common name with which 1970 album by King Crimson

6: What innovation in credit card technology was developed by IBM and launched in 1971?


Name that volleyball (image via Wikipedia)

7: Tom Hanks’ character in the 2000 film Cast Away had only one companion – a volleyball with a face made from a bloody handprint. What did he call it?

8: What brewery, best known for its delicious pale ale, was founded in Chico, California, in 1979 and is now the seventh-largest in the US?

9: What term for a wifi internet access point also refers to the infrared imaging system used to review umpire decisions in cricket?

10: What orchestral piece by Ralph Vaughan Williams includes parts for celesta, wordless women’s chorus and wind machine to help conjure up its other-worldly sound?

4 thoughts on “Door 11 – The Geological Society Christmas Quiz!

  1. Today‘s window is Ben Arnaboll, Scotland! I‘ll probably get to the quiz questions when I have time to properly take a look 🙂

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