Risk and Uncertainty in Exploration for Oil and Gas

Our 2017 London Lecture series is now well underway, with several of the talks relating to the 2017 Year of Risk. The series was kicked off in January by Geological Society President Malcolm Brown, who gave a talk entitled ‘Risk and Uncertainty in Exploration for Oil and Gas.’

In our latest podcast interview, Malcolm explains why the Society chose Risk as its 2017 theme, and how risk and uncertainty are integral to the work of geologists – particularly those working in the oil and gas industries.


‘I think we as geologists are very accustomed to talking about risk and uncertainty’ he says, ‘because in our science we’re talking about the subsurface – we can’t see it, touch it, feel it, but we know it’s there. A lot of our work is based on models and ideas, but we recognise those models aren’t always correct. There’s uncertainty and risk associated with this all the time – so I think this is a really great theme for the year. Hopefully it will encourage the London Lecture audience to think about risk in a different way – as something which is always present, but can be managed.’

You can watch Malcolm’s talk in full on our YouTube channel:

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