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Door four

Door fourOur geoadvent countdown continues, with more photographs from the recent 100 Great Geosites photography competition.*

A cathedral might not seem like an obvious choice for a geosite, but Durham’s beautiful Norman cathedral is a great place to see a variety of building stones up close. As well as the distinctive sandstone, the interior of the building includes the local ‘Frosterley Marble’, a black limestone containing fossil corals of the Carboniferous Period. You can also take a geology trail of the surrounding riverbanks, available at the cathedral’s bookshop.

Alex Holton, who works as a surveyor and heritage consultant with Purcell architects, York, sent us this striking image of the cathedral from an unusual angle…

Durham Cathedral c. Alex Holton

Durham Cathedral c. Alex Holton

He says, ‘Durham Cathedral was built in 1093 and forms a major part of the Durham Cathedral and Castle UNESCO World Heritage Site.

‘This image captures the Western Towers on a bright winters’ afternoon. The sun and sky were perfect, giving powerful illumination and contrast to the cathedral’s ancient sandstone. The photograph was taken on the off-chance when I was undertaking a condition survey of the masonry with the Cathedral Architect, Chris Cotton.’

We also received this atmospheric image of the cathedral from a distance, from photographer James Walton.

Durham Cathedral c James Walton

Durham Cathedral c James Walton

And Pierre Guirguis took this aerial photograph, showing the cathedral’s two towers rising above the city.

Durham Cathedral c Pierre Guirguis

Durham Cathedral c Pierre Guirguis

*The 100 Great Geosites calendar is available now – there’s still time to purchase before Christmas!

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