Earth Science Week 2011 – Fossil map of the UK

the earthThe UK’s first Earth Science Week begins today! Earth Science Week has been happening in the USA annually since 1998, organised by the American Geological Institute, and we’re very pleased to host the first UK week alongside.

To start the week, we’re celebrating the links between Earth science and poetry with ‘Poetry and Geology: a Celebration‘. Our President has already challenged the contemporary poets attending to take on the difficult task of communicating our science to the public; in particular how the Earth sciences can shed light on contemporary problems of climate change.

We’re also keen to promote resources for Earth science education – the first I want to highlight is a fantastic website, the UK fossils network. If you’ve ever wondered where and what sort of fossils you can find in your area, this site will do it all for you.

Click on the hundreds of UK locations from the alphabetical list and take a detailed look at the area, whether or not it is suitable for families, the types of rocks and fossils you may typically find – it even gives you handy tips on how and where to recover fossils!

The site also contains a section on the geological information on your chosen location, indicating what geological period many of the rocks and fossils come from.

It’s well worth a look as it’s a great comprehensive guide to what’s under your feet.

I hope the site will inspire you to get hunting for fossils in your area! And remember to check back here and on the GSL website for more Earth Science Week resources…

2 thoughts on “Earth Science Week 2011 – Fossil map of the UK

  1. Your comment – – resources for Earth Science education – – have you tried the free activities on the Earth Learning Idea website? There are over 100 free-to-download Earth-related activities on the site covering a huge range of topics. They are being used widely in schools/museums/science fairs all over the world.

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