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Dinosaur pop quiz

We’re pretty excited about our British Science Festival event next week, ‘Stranger than fiction? Dinosaurs, Monsters and Myths‘. Not only are we hearing from two palaeontologists, Dr Phil Manning and Dr Joanna Wright, about how they reconstruct dinosaurs, but we’ll be joined by Frame Store’s Mike Milne, the graphics brain behind Walking With Dinosaurs since … Continue reading


Curiosity continues to rock on Mars

This was originally posted at: NASA might be having a rain-check on its outreach activities, but that’s not why Curiosity has gone silent the last few days. Every once in a while an event known as the Mars Solar Conjunction places Mars’ orbit directly behind the sun with respect to Earth, and makes communications impossible. … Continue reading


All in a whorl

We knew we were in for it when we chose a picture library image of an unidentified ammonite for the cover of the November issue of Geoscientist.  So far reactions have been of two kinds – compliments on the graphic design, and complaints regarding the lack of diagnosis.  So, hoping to move on beyond the … Continue reading


Christmas gift idea!

Back in 2009, the cover of Geoscientist carried an image scanned from a fragment of Paesina Stone from Tuscany – a silty limestone formed during the Cretaceous Period and marked with a fine network of cracks through which groundwater has diffused, bringing colourful oxides of various minerals.  This stunning image had been created by Richard … Continue reading