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Theatre Review: “Dinomania”


“I’ve wasted my time, I should have been a geologist!” proclaims Gideon Mantell on discovering a fossilized tooth of an Iguanodon in the South Downs. This tooth will be Mantell’s most significant and turbulent discovery. It will lead him on a quest for acceptance, resulting in humiliation and perpetual disappointment at the cruel hands of his scientific peers, it will also serve as his lifelong motivation.

‘Dinomania’ by Kandinsky at the New Diorama Theatre, tells the captivating story of Gideon Mantell’s passion for discovery, his struggle for acceptance in a society divided by status and wealth, and his unconventional route into the palaeontological hall of fame.

A young boy fascinated with fossils, raised by a proud and religious family, grows up to become a country doctor. He collects specimens in what little spare time he has outside his practice, sharing them with fellow enthusiasts and scientists alike. Whilst on a dig with his wife Mary, they discover a huge fossilised reptilian tooth that they cannot identify. This tooth, and the creature to which it belonged, will go on to disrupt their lives in unimaginable ways.

Dinomania is captivating and entertaining. It’s detailed, exciting, and full of emotion. It’s compelling and conflicting. It’s bizarre, hilarious, and totally unique. But be quick, its only booking until 23 March!

Dinomania is supported by The Geological Society and is on Tuesdays-Saturdays at the New Diorama Theatre until 23rd March 2019.




2 thoughts on “Theatre Review: “Dinomania”

  1. Dinomania was a pleasant surprise I thoroughly enjoyed their take on the old story of Mantell v Owen. Well done!

  2. What a superb play Dinomamia was I thoroughly enjoyed it! As a fossil collector I wasn’t sure I’d like it but it was a really good night and the cast were excellent.

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