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Door 11: The Great Geobakeoff Live!

door-11The Great Geobakeoff is one of this blog’s stalwart features – but it’s a long wait until the next competition hits in April…. Luckily, dear readers, we held an unprecedented, one-off competition back in September, the results of which we can now present below. Introducing, The Great Geobakeoff – Live!

On 29 September, we hosted the launch of Lego City Volcano, a new Lego kit. Excited doesn’t quite cover it. To celebrate the event, the lovely people at Lego let us invite five of our most committed geobakers to bring along a volcano themed geobake to be judged live. Speaking as someone who has now hosted three geobakeoff competitions without ever having a chance to eat the results, this was a long overdue experiment.


Four of the five intrepid geobakers – l to r, Hannah Moss-Davis, Hazel Gibson, Izzy Carter and Reheat Bhatia


We were so thrilled that geobakers Hannah Moss-Davies, Hazel Gibson, Izzy Carter and Reheat Bhatia were able to come, with their cake! Unfortunately our most decorated geobaker, Liz Laycock, wasn’t able to join us, but she was there in spirit, and her baking in reality – she sent us two amazing creations in the post. IN THE POST. Cake in the post. It really was the best day ever.

imageLiz made us this amazing volcano cake, complete with a smarties filled centre. She also sent some beautiful biscuity volcanic lattices, which somehow made it to us intact, making them not only delicious but imbued with magical powers of postal survival.image

Rehemat (who you may remember from such geobakeoff classics as Playmobile Characters Fall Into a Sinkhole) brought along a fabulous island arc, complete with cupcake volcanoes.

imageThe judges’ third place choice was Izzy’s volcano biscuits, which gained points for both scientific accuracy (always a key concern during geobakeoffs, obviously) and deliciousness – there was a bit of a fight over these later on. Also extra points for including Mount Doom – we do not object to adding some fictional geology into the mix.


Coming in second was Hannah’s incredible volcano – it even had Lego bricks as a base! It must have taken an age, and is completely beautiful, and I’m sorry I nearly broke it taking it out of the box….


It was a tough competition, but in the end a winner had to be chosen. In first place, for dynamic creativity, realism, and deliciousness, we chose Hazel’s volcano, which came complete with a pump mechanism for emitting icing sugar ash clouds! Enjoy..

Congratulations and huge thanks to all the wonderful geobakers! And thank you to the good people at Lego for letting us bring you the first official geobakeoff live – may there be many more to come…

Team Geobakeoff Live!

Team Geobakeoff Live!

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