Geoscience and the EU Referendum – Have your say!

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The EU Referendum takes place on Thursday 23 June, and we want to hear from geoscientists about how the result will affect you and your work.

To fill out our short survey, visit www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/GSLEUSurvey

We’re interested to hear from our Fellows, and others in the geoscience community, about how the outcome might impact on the geoscience industry and research sector.

The referendum

The UK’s membership of the EU plays into many different areas of our policy and regulation and UK citizens are drawing on many different areas of the debate to inform their final decision.

Next month’s referendum will be the first opportunity that UK citizens have had to vote on the UK’s membership of the EU since the 1975 referendum on whether the UK should remain part of the European Economic Community. The outcome of this vote is likely to have a major affect on UK policy for the next several decades.

To find out more about geoscience and the EU referendum, visit www.geolsoc.org.uk/EuRef – and don’t forget to vote!

One thought on “Geoscience and the EU Referendum – Have your say!

  1. Do Your Duty -Vote to Leave the European Union

    One is given to wonder why our mainstream political parties
    are trying to keep Britain a member of the European Union,
    when remaining in Europe will have further adverse effects
    on our way of life and the quality of life we Britain’s enjoy
    Benefits inherited from the blood and toil of our forefathers,
    entitlements, elected politicians have no mandate to destroy

    In Great Britain the supreme power is vested in its people
    exercised directly or indirectly by the people for the people
    As a nation we’ve never surrendered our right or the power
    to govern ourselves, without any interference of any kind
    We do not want faceless bureaucrats controlling our lives
    we have our own democracy, enjoy our own sovereignty

    Our national health struggles already in providing a service
    Thousands of Britain’s are finding themselves unemployed
    Queuing for services, which are our given right to succeed
    Unable to protect, ensure and safeguard our quality of life
    Our inherent rights, decimated by a European Parliament
    This unaccountable government is destroying our country

    Ensure justice for all British people, safeguard their future
    The future of our children’s children and their quality of life
    Don’t give in by surrendering up any of our rights to Europe
    Exercise your might and the right and power trusted in you
    By voting in the forthcoming referendum on June 23rd 2016

    God Save the Queen

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