GSL partners with Figshare to improve data discovery and use

narrow_viewGood news for GSL authors, from Dr Maxine Smith, Online Development Editor at the Geological Society Publishing House!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our own free-to-view Figshare portal at

The portal will host GSL author supplementary material – supporting material that cannot be included within a book or journal article due to restrictions on space, file size or format.

The great thing about the portal is that this material, which GSL will deposit on behalf of their authors, will be viewable in more than 600 formats, including video and multimedia files, tabular data and geosite data. The archive of supplementary material from articles published between 2003 and 2015, which is currently at, will also soon be available on the Society’s Figshare portal.

collectionsAuthors publishing with GSL will now see their supplementary material in a much more dynamic environment, free from any restrictions on size and format. Authors will also be able to share the material more easily and track usage through Figshare’s metrics.

The uploaded material will also be easier to cite, with a DOI allocated at the point of publication, and will be stored under a Creative Commons License. For every item on Figshare there will also be a link back to the corresponding article on the Lyell Collection: therefore not only is the supplementary material more discoverable, so is the original article.


GSL will also be encouraging authors to submit their full data sets as part of the supplementary material, thus allowing them to comply with funder mandates around open data.

‘We’re excited to launch this new service for our authors’ says Neal Marriott, Director of Publishing, Library and Information Services. ‘Using Figshare will enable the Society to make author supplementary material easier to view and cite, and will also show authors the usage statistics for their data.

‘This new service also enables the Society to streamline its processes in publishing such data and we will be encouraging authors to deposit their data via our Society portal where there is no suitable alternative.’’

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