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Door three

Door three

Durdle Door is among the most recognisable of our #100geosites, and was bound to feature in the geosites calendar! We received quite a few entries to the photo competition – one of our favourites came from Jasmine Hansen:

Durdle Door c Jasmine Hansen

Durdle Door c Jasmine Hansen

She says: “The photograph was taken late summer 2015. I was working at a nearby sailing event in Portland but managed to escape for a day to visit.

“Due to it being busy with the summer holidays it was difficult to get a shot which captured the true wild and untamed nature of the place but I chanced upon this one whilst eating my lunch on the cliff top just opposite. It was nice to see so many people enjoying the beautiful weather and the wonders of Durdle Door and the surrounding geology and I hope to return again very soon!”

As well as her winning shot, Caitlin Broadbent also sent us this image of Durdle Door, capturing its dramatic setting.

Durdle Door c Caitlin Broadbent

Durdle Door c Caitlin Broadbent

The natural sea arch at Durdle Door is cut through steeply dipping Portland limestones. Erosion on the landward side of the arch has scoured out the softer Purbeck limestones and Wealden sandstones and siltstones, creating the dramatic arch.

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