Advent calendar

Door two

Door two

Today’s advent calendar images are of Clashach Cove in Moray, Scotland. A dramatic sandstone formation, comprised of rocks dating from the Permian period (299-252 MA), Clasach is a popular destination for photographers and geologists alike.

As Professor Rob Butler noted when we launched the #100geosites project:

“These dune sandstones are excellent outcrop analogues, perhaps the best in Britain, for showing non-geologists what a conventional hydrocarbon reservoir can look like. But the normal fault and its associated deformation bands, perhaps only bettered by examples in Utah, hint at the complexities of exploiting oil and gas from structurally complex reservoirs. Structural geologists now use the site to discuss with reservoir engineers about how these features and their impact on permeability structure in the subsurface might be predicted.”

Clashach Cove c Siobhan Fraser

Clashach Cove c Siobhan Fraser

Siobhan Fraser sent us these stunning images of Clashach. She says:

“I found out about Clashach Cove through a post on social media – but once I read about it, I had to visit. It’s easily accessible by a public footpath running next to the shore between Hopeman and Lossiemouth.” 

Clasach Cove c Siobhan Fraser

Clasach Cove c Siobhan Fraser

“When I got to Clashach Cove I couldn’t believe what I was looking at: a fault, fantastic examples of layering in the sandstone, and a couple of caves.  My big problem – what do I photograph?   So, I hope you like these photographs – I’ve tried to capture the magic of the cove.”

Clasach Cove c Siobhan Fraser

Clasach Cove c Siobhan Fraser

We do, and you have!

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