The Great Geobake-off

The Great Geobake-off

geocakeWe’re feeling inspired by Catherine Kenny’s fabulous Silurian Death Assemblage cupcakes, and the general geo-baking movement that appears to be taking off. We love both cake and rocks.  There should be more geology based cakes.

With this in mind, we’re celebrating the Easter season with the Great Geobake-off Challenge! Yes, it’s the showstopper round the BBC needs to option, immediately.

The challenge

We will award points for photographic evidence of the below challenges – we’ll accept entries until Friday 9 May, to cover the Easter and post Easter baking seasons. The more points you win, the greater your chances of getting your hands on our Ultimate Prize….

Send us your pictures on twitter (@geolsoc), or email them to[at]

The prize

morganOne of our coveted, nay almost mythical rock hammer USB sticks (as modelled here by Morgan Freeman.) We have 10 to give away….

Your very own limited edition geological wooden spoon decorated by our fair hands (we haven’t quite worked out the details of this one, but rest assured each one will be a collector’s item to treasure.)

The general respect and admiration of the entire geological community.

The points

You can make as many of these as you wish, but only once (so don’t try and win by just making a whole stack of sandstone layers, we’re not falling for it.)

Sandstone-Layers-29832510 points: Sandstone Layer cake

If you’re feeling particularly uninspired, we will award you a particularly unimpressive 10 points for baking a layer of sandstone. Basically just a flat, orangey yellow cake. But props for having a go, at least.


graptolites20 points: Graptolite cake

The most boring of fossils (yes, we called a fossil boring, deal with it) becomes the second most boring of cakes.  With, like, some artfully arranged icing or something. As a member of staff who shall remain nameless (Flo) puts it; ‘they’re s*&t animals in life and death. If you’re going to make a fossil cake it could at least be interesting.’

Hutton's unconformity30 points: Hutton’s Unconformity cake

One for #100geosite fans – Hutton’s Unconformity is famous for demonstrating how gaps in geological time are preserved in the rock record. We’re thinking, artfully arranged layers, held together by icing, or possibly something involving a flake, but whatever works.


Mid Atlantic Ridge40 points: Mid-Atlantic Ridge cake

Not sure exactly how you’d pull this one off, but this may be the most versatile of the geobake-off challenges. Cross section, birds eye view, outcrop….the choice is yours.



sink hole50 points: Sinkhole cake

This possibly lends itself well to the cupcake medium? We will also accept craters, on a planet/moon of your choice.



Pacific_Ring_of_Fire60 points: Pacific Ring of Fire cake

Many possibilities here. Pick a location, or go for the whole thing in a sort of geography based cake. Erupting or not erupting, it’s your choice. (Though I think you can guess which one we’d be more impressed by.)



durdle door 270 points: Durdle Door cake

Could be a bit of a construction nightmare, but imagine the DRAMA if you can pull it off. We dream of the Durdle Door showstopper round on GBBO. It needs to happen.


giant's causeway80 points: Giant’s Causeway cake

The hexagons! This could be very cool, in cake form. Or just a big grey blob. Impressive if you give it a go though.



how-to-make-planet-cakes-0390 points: Globe cake

OK, it sounds easy, but we’re talking full on accurate representation of the Earth inside and out. Or pick another planet, whatever works for you. We’re inspired by this incredible blog, which even gives you full instructions.


hatching velociraptor100 points: Jurassic Park hatching velociraptor cake


usb30 BONUS POINTS: GSL Rock Hammer USB included for scale. Marzipan is probably your best bet here, but don’t let yourself feel any limitations.



Good luck, geobakers. We leave you with some inspiration….

14 thoughts on “The Great Geobake-off

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  2. I really must object to your characterization of graptolites as “The most boring of fossils”.

    Bryozoans are WAY more boring.

  3. Haha, they are pretty boring, but at least they have a bit of texture! In my A-Level geology class people just used to draw a pencil line on a rock and say they’d found a graptolite just so the exercise was over!

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