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Olympic Games count down…!

With just one week to go until the big launch, we arrived at the geology castle this week to find ourselves Wenlocked!

He/she (it?) is gemstones themed, which we hope is a reference to the illustrious doorway he stands next to. Although it’s perhaps more likely to do with De Beers being down the road.

Either way – our Wenlock is part of a ‘discovery trail’, helping tourists, or previously unadventurous Londoners, to explore the city. We are part of the ‘purple trail’, which takes you in a loop around Burlington House, up Regent Street and along Brook Street – mercifully avoiding Oxford Street in the process.

No one is quite sure what impact the Olympics will have, but being based in the heart of London is likely to take its toll on the Society. To be on the safe side we’re advising Fellows, and anyone planning to pay us a visit, to give us a call first to make sure we’ll be able to accomodate you – the number is 020 7434 9944.

In the meantime, we’re producing a series of podcasts to coincide with the Olympics and celebrate all things British – so far we’ve talked to Danielle Schreve about London’s geological past, and Simon Winchester about William Smith, one of the city’s most famous geological inhabitants. Stay tuned for more! You can also read about how geologists contributed to the development of the Olympic Park in this Geoscientist article from 2006 (link to pdf download).

See you on the other side!

2 thoughts on “Olympic Games count down…!

  1. With the gemstones, Wenlock looks female or a fabulous representative of the third gender. It looks pretty either way and I am a tad excited about the Olympics. Also, I have just downloaded the Geoscientist article PDF and browsing through it right now.

  2. London is certainly getting ready for the Olympics. During the Olympic
    games, London would appear like a newly wed bride. The presence of all
    the great sportsmen from around the globe in one the greatest cities of
    the world is going to be a unique and captivating experience. I am
    particularly interested in following the field hockey, soccer and lawn tennis results.

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