Out in the field

Land ahoy!

Monday 21st November

Kapitan Khlebnikov in the Ross Sea pack iceOur captivity in the ice didn’t last as long as we expected. After an hour or so, just as we were beginning to discuss who to eat first, we were released from the ice. We pressed on south through this vast frozen plain, and on Saturday morning passed 73o south. It was a grey misty morning, with snow falling gently as perfect hexagonal crystals. We were in nine-tenths pack, but it was thin. As we moved into late afternoon, the skies cleared and the continent appeared on the western horizon. Closest to us was Coulman Island and behind it, faintly seen, was 3500 m Mount Murchison, named after our former president.

By Saturday evening, we had been breaking through the pack ice for three days, and not touched land for five, but soon we hope to make a landing on Frankin Island at 76oS, if the pack permits. It will be good to see some rocks.


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