(a) Basal breccia of Stac Fada Member at Enard Bay, randomly oriented angular and rounded gneiss blocks up to 0.5 m across resting on Stoer Group sandstone and surrounded by a fine-grained matrix. The hammer is 38 cm in length. (b) Interlocking ‘pillow’ in the upper part of the basal breccia. The left of the ‘pillow’ is draped over an earlier deposited one. To the right and beneath the ‘pillow’ is mixed breccia and melt-rich impact rock. The hammer is 38 cm in length. (c) Fining-upward graded sandstone beds in post-impact sediments, assumed to have been deposited in a standing body of water. These lay a few metres above the undulating airfall bed at the top of the impactite. (d) Incised square-cut channel in the overlying graded bedded sandstone of the Meall Dearg Formation at Enard Bay about 2 m above the airfall bed of the impactite. The gneiss clasts are matrix-supported. The channel has an orientation of 6°N. The coin is 21.4 mm in diameter.

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