The drilling of a UNICEF-supported borehole is in progress in drought-affected Washe Weyre Kebele (sub-district) in Mareko Woreda (district), SNNP Region, Ethiopia. Residents of the Kebele are currently reliant on UNICEF-supported water trucking services.
UNICEF will support connection of the borehole to the existing distribution system in the kebele as well as rehabilitation of existing water points. Once functioning, this water system will provide clean and safe water for residents throughout Washe Weyre Kebele.
As part of the drought emergency response, UNICEF, as the WASH cluster lead, supports the rehabilitation, maintenance and upgrade of water supply systems (including shallow wells and boreholes) and provides household water purification and treatment chemicals to increase access to clean water for drought-affected people. UNICEF works to increase access to improved water and sanitation facilities in schools and health facilities and to increase awareness of good hygiene and sanitation practices in communities; and supports the Government in scaling up water trucking activities in chronically affected areas to fill gaps while the rehabilitation of non-functional water supply systems is carried out. UNICEF is also exploring innovative ways to use satellites to detect deep groundwater for large scale, multiple-village water supply systems. WASH in schools programmes are being provided in Priority 1 Woredas to reduce the rate of school dropouts and to provide sanitation and hygiene facilities to reduce the incidence of disease outbreaks. 25 February 2016 © UNICEF Ethiopia/2016/Ayene

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