2017 Advent Calendar / Advent calendar

Door 6 – Earth’s nearest neighbour

The brightest planet in the Solar System, Venus is sometimes called a ‘sibling planet’ of Earth, due to their similar size, mass, proximity to the Sun and bulk composition.

In November, Sami Mikhail of the University of St Andrews visited the Geological Society to speak about his research into the formation and composition of our nearest neighbour. We also spoke to him between London Lectures about his research, as well discussing our top tips for Christmas geology viewing….

The Great Geoadvent Challenge

Thanks to those who have been keeping up with the geoadvent challenge! To play along, leave a comment below naming the Plate Tectonic Story with which today’s window is associated – you can find the full list of twenty sites on our website.

Yesterday’s window was – of course – the beautiful Causeway Coast.

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