Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum

cropped-SciRelSpectrum-Website-HeaderA message from Dr Stephen Jones, Research Fellow at Newman University…

The research team for a major new research project, Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum, is carrying out focus groups with professional scientists in central London in October 2016. We are seeking participants to talk about science, evolution, belief and science communication in religious diverse societies.

The focus groups will take place in the early evening of the weeks of 3rd-7th and 10th-14th October. We are looking for natural scientists working in all disciplines, although we have a particular interest in hearing from scientists whose research relates directly to evolutionary science. Participants can be of any religious orientation or none, and can be at any stage of their career, from PhD student to professor. All will be given £20 as a token of thanks for taking part.

If you are interested in taking part or have any questions about the research, please email Stephen Jones at to discuss the details. For more information, see the project’s webpage.

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