From Earth to Enigma

An exhibition of paintings made from earth


Waterland Orkney c. Karen Picton

For fans of geology and art crossovers, Karen Picton is exhibiting until June 19th at The Stone Space Gallery, 6 Church Lane, Leytonstone, London E11 1HG.

‘From Earth to Enigma’ is a solo show celebrating earth as a painting material, and features abstract mud works alongside uniquely honest paintings of the land made from the earth found in each place.

The ‘Meet the artist day’ is taking place on Saturday 11th June 12-5pm.

‘There is a diverse range of colour and texture to the earth across the UK’ says the exhibition’s press release. ‘The exhibition acts in part as an earth document referencing geology, history and archaeology. Historic field names often reflect the geology of the land as well as revealing cultural connections to people and past events, while archaeology discovers physical traces of past lives found in the earth or made from the earth itself.’

Elemental c. Karen Picton

Elemental c. Karen Picton

Karen Picton tours the UK to explore the land and collects earth to build up a ‘mud map’ of the country. She graduated from The University of Hertfordshire with BA (Hons) Fine Art in 2002 and was a Fellow of Digswell Arts from 2010-2015.


Contact: The Stone Space website

Karen Picton website


twitter: @karenpicton1

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