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Voice of the Future 2016 – have your say!

Image c. Royal Society of Biology

Image c. Royal Society of Biology

Every year, young scientists and engineers have the opportunity to question key political figures at the Houses of Parliament, about science policy issues which matter to them.

The researchers are nominated by various institutions and Learned Societies, and the Geological Society is currently looking for a number of representatives to attend the event.

RSB-logo‘This is a unique event’ says Dr Stephen Benn, director of parliamentary affairs at the Royal Society of Biology, who organises the annual event. ‘In no other part of Parliament is the normal select committee format completely reversed, so that MPs have to answer questions rather than ask them. It is important that policy makers use reliable evidence in their decisions, and today’s young scientists and engineers will be vital for this in the future.’

How to get involved

We are looking for applicants in the field of Geoscience, preferably based in or around London, to attend the event on behalf of the Geological Society. Voice of the Future 2016 will take place on the morning of the 1st March in the Boothroyd Room at Portcullis House, London. To be eligible, you must be a PhD student, recent graduate or early career researcher. Please email by Tuesday 2nd February, with the question you would like to put to MPs, some background information about your experience, and why you would like to attend the event.


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