Advent calendar

Door seventeen

Door seventeen

Today’s #geoadvent site is not only an important economic geological site, but was the location for a training day for our Publishing House staff!

Maxine Smith, a staff member at the Geological Society’s Publishing House, sent in this striking image of Kilve Beach.

Kilve, c. Maxine Smith

Kilve, c. Maxine Smith




Kilve Beach in Somerset features some amazing outcrops of limestone and shales from the Lower Lias. The rocks are also an analogue for fault structures, useful for predicting the extent of oil fields in the North Sea. To read more about Kilve’s economic importance, visit our 100 Great Geosites pages, where Professor Rob Butler explains all…

The site has also been the location for a staff training day for the Geological Society Publishing House staff. Says Maxine:

‘Dr Jonathan Turner (BG Group) kindly took the team on a geological tour of Kilve beach, pointing out fossils, examples of faulting and mud volcanoes, which are at the eastern end of the beach.’

The GSL Publishing House team!

The GSL Publishing House team!

‘It’s a very interesting and family-friendly beach. As it is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) no hammers are allowed on the beach (except for geolsoc USB hammers) and there’s a no collecting rule.

Unfortunately, the investigation of the mud volcanoes had to be cut short somewhat due to the fast-incoming tide. A hasty dash was promptly made off the beach and toward the nearby tea rooms, which the team can thoroughly recommend.’


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