Earth Science Week – Ask a Geologist live!

Earth Science Week Geological Time




Earth Science Week 2015 is already underway, and as per tradition, we will be hosting #askageologist sessions on twitter every day with five brilliant scientists. All you have to do is use the hashtag to ask them your questions! If you don’t tweet, or can’t be there for the live session, send us your questions using the comments form below, and we’ll make sure they get answered.


Jon TennantMonday’s Ask a Geologist: 3pm – 4pm – dinosaurs, evolution and extinction

Kicking things off for us today, palaeontologist Jon Tennant (@protohedgehog) will be taking questions on dinosaurs, evolution and the history of life on Earth. Jon is also a science communicator and has a strong interest in open access publishing, so if you have questions on either of those topics, he’d be happy to answer them.


helen reevesTomorrow – sink holes with Dr Helen Reeves!

Between 10.30 and 11.30 on Tuesday 13th, Helen Reeves of the British Geological Survey will answer your questions on sink holes – what causes them, and are they on the rise? Use the hashtag #askageologist to find out, or leave a comment below!

View a storify of one of last year’s #AskaGeologist sessions for an idea of what to expect – and if you’d like to suggest a topic for future sessions, leave a comment below!

Earth Science Week Events

There’s a whole range of events taking place throughout the UK this week – from geowalks to café scientifiques to hands on activity sessions. Check the listings to find events near you!


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