100 Great Geosites

The 100 Great Geosites Photo Competition

Flickr albumsHelp us create a 2016 #100geosites calendar!

This time last year, you were hard at work flooding us with nominations for our #100geosites project – over 400 sites made it into the longlist before public voting began.

In October, we launched the final list – 100 of the great geological sites you can see in the UK & Ireland, divided into 10 categories. Many people sent us beautiful images of the sites as part of their nominations – which got us thinking about other ways we could display the project….

geosites compilation image 1

The Calendar

The 2016 #100geosites calendar will feature 12 of our sites, with some background information about them and how to visit. It will also contain a map of the full list, as well as useful geological dates for your diary.

To create it, we need your help….

geosites compilation image 2

The Competition

To enter, send us an image of any of our 100 geosites. Winning photographs will be featured in the calendar, with full credit. In addition, first, second and third prizes will be awarded:

1st prize: £100
2nd prize: £50
3rd prize: £25

All 12 winners will also receive a collection of geological goodies, including our much coveted rock hammer usb sticks, and a year’s free subscription to Geoscientist magazine.

Remember, our 100 geosites are all across the UK and Ireland, and range from spectacular outcrops to buildings and museums – so there’s a huge variety of photo opportunities! Search for sites nearest you using Esri’s interactive map.

geosites compilation image 4

The rules

The competition is free to enter, and open to all. You may submit as many photographs as you like, depicting any of our 100 Great Geosites – either fully or partially. Photographs already submitted to us last year as part of the 100geosites project are welcome – provided they meet the minimum size requirements.

Photographs must be submitted electronically, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, and large enough to be featured in a print calendar (minimum dimensions: 216mm x 154 mm).

Entries must be emailed to 100geosites@geolsoc.org.uk by midnight on the closing date, Monday 21st September. 

Prizes will be awarded at the Geological Society, as part of the launch of Earth Science Week on Monday 12th October, to which all entrants will be invited.

100 geosites photo competition terms and conditions

The Joint Regional Group Photo Competition

Entrants to the Joint Regional Group Photo Competition, ‘Geologica Britannica’ are very welcome to enter the same photographs in both competitions – provided eligibility criteria are met.

The 2015 Joint Regional Group competition is open to anyone living/working within the postal districts of the Southern Wales, West Midlands and North Western Regional Groups, and is open until 1 December – so if you’re eligible, why not enter both!

We look forward to receiving your entries – and stay tuned for more exciting 100 geosites news….!

geosites compilation image 3

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