Photo of the month!

This submission from Peter Dolan (familiar to Geoscientist readers as a kerbstone detective) has inspired us to establish Photo of the Month. All submissions gratefully received by email (sarah.day@geolsoc.org.uk), twitter, facebook or any other means at your disposal, and we’ll post the best one here each month.

January’s photo of the month*:


Weather forecasting stone on the exterior wall of the Glaciarium (a museum dedicated to glaciers) on the outskirts of El Calafate in southern Patagonia – Argentina.


We are now accepting submissions for February! There will be no theme – other than photos which feature geology in some way, and make us smile. To give you an idea, here are some recent subs which fit that description….

(*admittedly a few days post January…)

Dinosaurs on parade (via @laurennotes)

Dinosaurs on parade (via @laurennotes)

'Cross Bedding' (Jack Finch)

‘Cross Bedding’ (Jack Finch)
























Limestone pavement near Malham (from Mark Godden for #100geosites)

Limestone pavement near Malham (from Mark Godden for #100geosites)


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