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Door 18: Climate Change Christmas

EighteenIf, wherever you are, the weather is anything like as freezing as it currently is at Geology HQ in London, you may have had to put up with that most irritating of seasonal phrases, ‘so much for global warming, then!’

SnowmanThe confusion lies in the difference between ‘climate’ and ‘weather’ – weather being how the atmosphere behaves over a short time period, and climate over a longer one. (NASA explain much more elegantly here.)

So, even though it’s Christmas, and even though it’s freezing, climate change is still happening. It’s even threatening our Christmas trees, according to a recent study. And if you want to get really melancholy, the New Yorker have put together some alternative Christmas carols for the occasion. We particularly enjoyed the Frosty the Snowman lyrics:

Frosty the snowman, may he rest in peace, poor soul.
With his melted nose and his melted mouth, and two eyes made out of coal.
Frosty the Snowman, did you say his eyes were coal?
Can you pass that coal? We could use some coal. Let us rob his grave for coal.

dino jumperHere at the currently somewhat chilly Geology Castle, we prefer to stay upbeat, with John Oliver’s excellent proportionally representative climate change debate*. And this jumper. You’re definitely going to need this jumper.

*Warning: contains Language



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