The 2016 Lyell meeting – Palaeoinformatics

The 2016 Lyell meeting – Palaeoinformatics

The Geological Society’s 2016 Lyell Meeting, which takes place on 9 March, will look at palaeoninformatics – the information technology used to manage, preserve and distribute palaeontological data ‘Palaeontological data is our record of life on earth, and of the history of our biosphere’ says University College London’s Dr Jeremy Young, who is co-convening the … Continue reading

100 Great Geosites / Events / Science communication

British Science Festival 2014: Operation Stonehenge

One of our nominated 100geosites took centre stage yesterday at the British Science Festival, as Professor Vincent Gaffney and colleagues unveiled the latest from the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project, led by the University of Birmingham in conjunction with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology. Continue reading

Oil and Gas in the Arctic

Oil and Gas in the Arctic

In the second of our Climate Week blogs, we look at the controversial issue of exploring the Arctic for oil and gas resources. The Arctic has fascinated explorers for hundreds of years, from Rennaissance attempts to find a Northwest Passage, to the 20th century race for the North Pole. For the oil and gas industry, … Continue reading

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Dinosaur pop quiz

We’re pretty excited about our British Science Festival event next week, ‘Stranger than fiction? Dinosaurs, Monsters and Myths‘. Not only are we hearing from two palaeontologists, Dr Phil Manning and Dr Joanna Wright, about how they reconstruct dinosaurs, but we’ll be joined by Frame Store’s Mike Milne, the graphics brain behind Walking With Dinosaurs since … Continue reading