The 2016 Great Geobakeoff

The 2016 Great Geobakeoff

It’s hard to believe the Great Geobakeoff is already in its third magnificent year! It’s been twelve months since our twitter feed was last covered in cake, and we have missed you, geobakers. We hope you’ve been practising, because, once again in time for the Easter holidays, we’re excited to bring you….The Great Geobakeoff 2016! Continue reading

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British Science Festival 2014: ‘We are all catastrophists now’

The theory that the dramatic landscapes of the Columbia River Plateau were caused by massive flooding in the distant past might not sound too controversial. But, as Sanjeev Gupta told us in our British Science Festival event yesterday, the theory, first proposed in 1923 by American geologist J Harlen Bretz, was so controversial it sparked a … Continue reading


Curiosity continues to rock on Mars

This was originally posted at: NASA might be having a rain-check on its outreach activities, but that’s not why Curiosity has gone silent the last few days. Every once in a while an event known as the Mars Solar Conjunction places Mars’ orbit directly behind the sun with respect to Earth, and makes communications impossible. … Continue reading

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Driving Curiosity

How do you drive a rover on Mars? The latest rover to land on Mars, Curiosity, represents a huge leap forward in technology for exploring the planet. At 875 kilograms and ten feet long, it is about twice as long and five times as heavy as NASA’s twin Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, which … Continue reading