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A Craniometrist’s Toolkit
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A Craniometrist’s Toolkit

Whilst researching my postgraduate degree in 2000s, I became fascinated by the physiognomical pseudosciences which emerged at the end of the 18th century. Originating as parlour game entertainment, by the middle of the 19th century they developed into a much more sinister body of academia which sought to categorise individuals purely based on external physical … Continue reading

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UK Earth Hazards – a new course from GSL

In 2020, the Geological Society carried out a Strategic Review of its activities in order to ensure we are best meeting the needs of geoscientists in the UK and beyond.  With that in mind, we will start providing online training courses to support our Fellows with Continuous Professional Development (CPD).  Following on from two free … Continue reading

Earth Science, Systems and Society: a new journal from GSL
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Earth Science, Systems and Society: a new journal from GSL

The Geological Society of London (GSL) is proud to announce the launch of our first fully open access journal, Earth Science, Systems and Society (ES3), for 2021. ES3 will publish timely and topical research of high importance across the breadth of the geosciences with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary geoscience and the pivotal role it … Continue reading

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A chat with the editor of GSL Special Publication 500

In June 2020, GSL published the landmark 500th volume of the Geological Society’s Special Publication series, SP500: Subaqueous Mass Movements and their Consequences: Advances in Process Understanding, Monitoring and Hazard Assessments, edited by: A. Georgiopoulou, L. A. Amy, S. Benetti, J. D. Chaytor, M. A. Clare, D. Gamboa, P. D. W. Haughton, J. Moernaut and … Continue reading