The 100 Geosites Photo Competition

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Just before the start of Earth Science Week 2015, we announced the results of our 100 Great Geosites photo competition – 13 images which form a 2016 calendar now on sale at the Society!

Last night, at the launch of Earth Science Week, we were thrilled to present awards to 4 of the photographers who were able to join us – Caitlin Broadbent (Durdle Door), Steve McAusland (Lundy Island), Anna Saich (Seven Sisters & Beachy Head) and Louise Squire (Staffa).

calendar winners

The four winning photographers, with GSL Executive Secretary Sarah Fray (centre)

We also announced the top three winning photographs:

Third place: Phil Hadland, the Rotunda Museum

The Rotunda Museum c Philip Hadland

The Rotunda Museum c Philip Hadland

Second place: Brent Bouwsema, Callanish Stones

Callanish Stones c Brent Bouwsema

Callanish Stones c Brent Bouwsema

First place: Gijs de Reijke, the Cuillin Hills

The Cuillin Hills c Gijs de Reijke 720

Congratulations to all 12 of our winning photographers, and huge thanks to everyone who entered the competition!

You can see all the images in a news article on the BBC website – and keep an eye on the Earth Science Week pages to find out about events happening around the country!

One thought on “The 100 Geosites Photo Competition

  1. Such a great competition! I am an amateur photographer myself and I enjoyed following this contest. Great job! The Cuillin Hills is a great place and the photo is amazing but I think all the pictures deserve to be on the #1 spot.

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