Door five: Christmas puddingstone

FiveReader, we went there. If it helps, I think that’s the worst pun you’ll experience during the geoadvent season.

Puddingstone is a favourite rock of ours, and particularly of our former President, Dr Bryan Lovell. It’s even the subject of a meeting in the calender for next year.

christmas puddingstonePuddingstone is a conglomerate sedimentary rock, made up of rounded flint pebbles cemented together in a silica quartz matrix. It gets its name from a resemblance to Christmas pudding, so this isn’t an entirely contrived attempt to link Christmas and geology (in case you were wondering).

It also has a story to tell about climate change. Here’s Bryan, strolling the fields of Hertfordshire, to explain:

And if that’s a bit too serious, here’s his mate Mike Excell conveying the same message in song format.

About sarah

Sarah is our Earth Science Communicator, responsible for media relations, podcasts and other outreach activity.
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One Response to Door five: Christmas puddingstone

  1. That truly is a terrible pin, but a fantastic post! So interesting!

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